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Please use the form on any page to contact us online. If you need immediate assistance, please call us at 888-864-4086.
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Arnica Heating and Air's Brooklyn office means that Brooklyn residents don't have to spend another second smothering under the humid New York heat. Our convenient location ensures that our efficient technicians can install central air conditioning in Brooklyn, NY, homes or offices as rapidly and effectively as possible. Plus, we always arrive on location quickly for efficient repairs.

Our expert employees can install central air conditioning using the existing ducts in your home or apartment building, or provide you with ductless air conditioning installation for Brooklyn's older apartments or buildings.

We also offer central air conditioning repair for Brooklyn, NY; all our products come with a one-year warrantee, and due to the proximity of our office, we can visit your Brooklyn home for air conditioning repair and maintenance as soon as possible.

Get a head start on that hot New York summer and visit our Brooklyn office located on 9728 3rd Ave. or call our 24-hour phone service at 888-864-4086 to start cooling your house, office, or apartment down as soon as possible.

Our Locations:

9728 3rd Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11209