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A decent thermostat installation can warm your heart and chill your jets as needed when it comes to adjusting the temperature in your house.

According to Energy Star, a smart thermostat may save you $50 per year on your energy expenses, and some thermostat manufacturers promise savings of $100 or more. Non-connected, programmable thermostats may, of course, save energy as well.

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However, many users have complained that they are too complicated to program for years. As a result, in 2009, Energy Star ceased to certify the whole product category. In reality, a 2015 survey found that 40% of programmable thermostat users didn’t use the scheduling tool to set schedules. That’s an issue since a thermostat can only save you money on your energy bill when it’s set to use less energy—you can do it manually every time you go to bed or leave the house or program your thermostat to do it on a schedule.

Enter Smart Thermostats

Smart thermostats have made thermostats far less intimidating in recent years. Simple controllers and touch-screen displays are common, making programming easy. More importantly, smart thermostats link to the internet through WiFi, allowing you to control the temperature in your house from anywhere using an app on your smartphone—just like checking your bank account balance. Smart thermostats may also consider the weather prediction in your area and, using sensors and computer algorithms, “learn” your temperature preferences. The goal is to get away from programming entirely.

Consequentially, in January 2017, Energy Star issued a certification exclusively for smart thermostats. The package label clarifies which smart models will help you save money on your energy bills. 58 smart thermostats have obtained Energy Star certification as of April 2021, and the number is expected to rise. See our guide to the best smart thermostats for top-performing smart thermostats that will save you energy and money.

Some smart thermostat user interface innovations have trickled down to non-connected, programmable thermostats, making them a simple alternative for users who do not want an internet-connected device. In our study, the best-performing programmable thermostats received Excellent ratings for simplicity of programming and excellent ratings for manually adjusting the temperature. Learn which programmable thermostats passed the usability tests by reading our guide to the best programmable thermostats. Hire an expert for heating installation in Queens today!

Latest Thermostat Installation Trends

Most modern smart heating and cooling solutions now have remote temperature sensors. Remote sensors can assist in heating and cooling rooms that may be too hot or cold for the thermostat to detect.

A few firms are also developing smart air vents, which link to certain smart thermostats and redirect the circulation of forced air HVAC systems for improved heating and cooling. Check out the manufacturer guide on obtaining the correct temperature in every area of your home for more information on wireless temperature sensors and smart air vents. Find the services of experts for heating installation in Staten Island.