furnace installation in staten island

The need for heating is felt once the temperature begins to drip. The chilly winters need to be borne well and celebrations completed by ensuring the right furnace installation in Staten Island. Investing in a heating system is not as simple as buying the first one, however. There are many things to consider including annual Furnace Efficiency Ratings. Understanding the related numbers will give you an idea about how your home could be kept snug and warm during those bitterly cold months and how you could save some money while ensuring it.

What is AFUE?

The “U.S. Department of Energy” introduced certain standards to gauge the efficiency of household appliances back in 1987. “The National Appliance and Energy Conservation Act” provided the AFUE ratings for furnaces eventually.

Look carefully at the faceplate located right in the front of the furnace. You will find the rating displayed as a percentage. Anything between 56% and 100% indicates that all is well. The number goes up in proportion to its efficiency as well.

How does your furnace perform?

The AFUE rating helps you understand how much of the fuel is being converted into energy and used productively. A good amount gets lost in the process too. So, if your furnace has a rating of 85%, you are losing 15% of the fuel. It is best to reverse the loss at the earliest by engaging an experienced HVAC professional who has the required skills to do it. It has been noted that a furnace that is imperfectly aligned may end up heating the rooftop instead of directing the heat into the living area. This is a wastage of expensive energy that needs to be addressed urgently.

There may be other reasons for the poor performance of your furnace too. The rating will give no indication of energy lost due to faulty installation, laying of ductwork, drafty windows, and cold attic.

furnace efficiency ratings

Regulations for Furnace Installation

Do not be too attached to the old furnace that is still functional albeit a trifle slowly to heat up the room. You may have to relight it every so often to keep it functional. Check the AFUE rating and take measures when you find that it has touched a low of 56%. “The National Appliance and Energy Conservation Act” had put the rating of 78% as the standard until 2015. This has been elevated to 80% later on. Opt for a furnace with a 90% rating to earn an “Energy Star.”

Make sure to invest in a quality furnace that displays an impressive AFUE rating. You may also want to check multiple other factors that are known to play a huge role in upping its efficiency. Feel free to contact a professional technician or one of the best HVAC companies known for superior furnace installation in Manhattan.