Furnace repair in brooklyn for dripping water

The most visible indication of a leaky furnace is stepping into a pool of water near it. The furnace may be leaking water for various reasons, some of which you can fix yourself and others that would necessitate the services of a professional.

Furnace repair in Brooklyn for flue pipe leaking

This guide is intended to lead you through potential reasons and remedies, but it is in no way intended to replace the advice of a qualified industry technician. If water leaking from furnace components is one of the troubles you’re having with your unit, call a local expert to prevent further damage.

Exhaust Pipes

The material of your furnace exhaust pipe is the most telling sign of the sort of unit you have. The exhaust pipe, also known as the flue pipe, is responsible for venting your furnace’s exhaust outside the home. You have a high efficiency furnace if the pipe is polyvinyl chloride (PVC), which appears like white plastic. A metal pipe indicates that you have a standard efficiency furnace.

Furnace AFUE rating

To identify the furnace type, look up the Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) rating. On a yellow Energy Guide label on the device, the AFUE rating should be displayed. High-efficiency furnaces turn 80% of the energy produced into heat, while the other 20% escapes through chimneys and other openings.

High Efficiency Condensing Furnace is Leaking Water:

Condensation occurs when the two heat exchangers within the furnace absorb so much heat that the gas being ejected becomes liquid. The water has no choice but to seep from the furnace if the condensate drain or pipe becomes blocked. It may be as easy as pouring an equal amount of hot water and white vinegar into the line to clear it.

Water is Spilling from a Traditional Furnace:

Water leaking from a traditional furnace is usually the result of a problem with the humidifier or an improperly installed exhaust pipe. The excess water from the humidifier is drained through the furnace drain pipe. Water will build up if the drain pipe is obstructed, seeping from the humidifier into the furnace. Look for fractures or pinhole leaks in the furnace humidifier water pipes. Seek professional assistance for furnace repair in Staten Island and Brooklyn.