furnace installation in Manhattan

It is very unlikely for most of us to listen to what our ac units or the furnaces tell us. Well, they are not humans, and to expect that they can actually talk is us being foolish. But, this thought is partially true. If you actually lend an ear to your furnace and hear some strange noises which are not normal, then it is time for you to consider a furnace repair in Staten Island. Well, there can be any issue with the furnace, but there is one that needs to be taken a look into without any second thoughts. That is called short cycling. Short cycling means the furnace turns on and off very quickly, and this needs to be taken into account without any delay.

Furnace Repair in Staten Island

What Problem Occurs With Short Cycling

It is true that the furnace is designed in a way that is cycles on and off, but there is an interval for the same. It should take place at much slower intervals. When there is a steady pace, it will ensure that the place gets warm uniformly. If the unit shuts off quickly, and before its designated time, then your home will turn cold again. Short cycling is a problem that occurs when there is too much heating, or the heater is an oversized one. With too much heat, the furnace reads a false reading and is prompted to shut off. Again it can turn on again sensing the cold house and turns on. Thus, there is no end to this cycling.

What is the Solution

The solution for stopping short cycling is to first check the filters. If they are dirty and clogged, then that can be the reason behind short-cycling. Get a technician to look at the filters once so that they can suggest whether the filters are the source of the problem.

The size of the furnace might be too big compared to your house. In that regard, any technician offering furnace repair in Manhattan will ask the homeowner to consider a replacement. Getting a new furnace installed is a big money matter and hence consider asking a professional before you get a new furnace installed.