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What is the HEAP (Home Energy Assistance Program) Benefit?

Benefit of the HEAP - Home Energy Assistance Program

The Home Energy Assistance Program (HEAP) assists low-income households in paying for their residential heating.

You may get one normal HEAP benefit per program year if you qualify, and you may also be eligible for emergency HEAP benefits if you are at the risk of running out of fuel or having your utility service turned off.

If you have any questions about the HEAP program, please contact your HEAP Local District Contact.

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Tips To Avoid Fires from Space Heaters

How to avoid fires from space heaters

When the weather becomes cooler and staying warm seems impossible, a space heater may be your greatest friend. Space heaters are popular tools for heating homes and businesses when the weather turns cold, but they may also cause problems. Learn from the Burnham heating professionals about space heater safety best practices for your home or office, and be safe whenever you need additional heat this season.

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7 Different Types of Home Heating Systems

type of home heating system repair in Queens, Manhattan and Brooklyn NY

It might be difficult to let go of an old home heating system and commit to a new one that you are unfamiliar with. It might be fascinating to explore the range of heating technologies available as replacement alternatives if you have an old unit that needs to be replaced. All of these systems are available in a variety of types and sizes to suit your needs. Contact a reputable HVAC company for more information on installing or upgrading a new heating system.

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How-to Fix Common Heating System Problems That Can Lead to Heating Repair in Staten Island

heating repair in staten island

If you think that the heating unit is simple then you have to think again. A heating system is complex and without proper maintenance one can be facing a lot of trouble with the furnace over the time. It can be anything from a dead battery to thermostat issues. Handling all the issues is not easy for just anyone. One will have to get a technician’s help for heating repair in Staten Island. Whether they are simple issues or hard ones it is better to get a technician on board to have a look at the furnace:

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Heating Repair in Staten Island versus Heating System Installation

Heating Repair Expert in Staten Island

Living life king size may be possible always but you have to ensure living comfortably indoors. Investing in an advanced HVAC system does have its pluses but you have to be extra careful when using it to heat up or cool your home. It is indeed effective to have the contact number of a HVAC expert on speed dial so that you can make all necessary heating repair in Staten Island at the earliest. This will not only help you reside comfortably within your home but you also get to save a considerable amount of money by making the existing system function for years.

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