Immediate Furnace Repair

Having a furnace installed within your home can ensure proper eating of the interiors. However, the efficacy of the furnace needs to be checked from time to time as well. Sure, the device keeps humming pleasantly and you may hear indistinct pops caused by the related ducts while it remains operational. However, it would be foolhardy to ignore specific noises emanating from your furnace especially when they are lid enough to jolt you awake at night or disturb the peace of mind during the day. Do not try to play the detective and look for the source, however. The best solution for this problem can be sought by employing a technician who is a thorough professional and adept at handling furnace repair in Staten Island.

How would you know when you call for a technician? No worries! Here are some tips about the noises that need to be fixed immediately.

  1. Loud Pop/Bang – You may be startled by extraordinarily loud bang coming from the furnace. This usually occurs when you have failed to keep the furnace clean and debris has piled up on the burners. This is sure to block the burners that do not ignite at once. Gas keeps accumulating as a result causing the noise. The loud op or bang may also be a result of expanding and contracting ducts. Make sure to call a technician immediately for making the necessary repairs in order to keep the furnace working properly.
  2. Scrapping Sound – Turn off the furnace immediately when you hear a scrapping sound akin to metal moving over metal. This is an emergency and needs urgent repairs. It indicates that there is something seriously wrong with the blower wheel. Have an experienced professional check it out and make the necessary fixes.
  3. High Pitched Squealing – This is irritating no doubt but you have to make amends by opting for furnace repair in Manhattan. The trained technician may replace the blower belt especially when it is frayed. Lubricating the shaft bearings may also do the trick as will repairing of the blower motor.

It is advisable to keep your furnace well maintained throughout the year to escape expensive repairs.