single stage furnace installation in staten island

In the world of furnace installation, there are two basic types of furnaces: single-stage and modulating. Each type has its own advantages and disadvantages, so it’s important to know what they are before making any decisions.

Furnace installation in Staten island and Manhattan

Single Stage Furnace Installation:

The first type of furnace is a single-stage furnace. It has one heat zone, and uses modulating devices to control the temperature. This type of furnace is often preferred for situations where products require a uniform cure time throughout the product’s thickness.

For most industries, it is difficult to have a high profit margin as a single stage furnace. The design of the single stage furnace is simple; the raw materials are processed once in one place. In many cases, the quality of the product suffers as there are not multiple checks to ensure the quality of the product. In short, a single stage furnace is generally a low-cost, low-maintenance type of furnace that provides the highest annual fuel utilization efficiency (AFUE) rating.

As a result, the final product is not of high quality. The equipment used in the single stage furnace is also not of high quality. To avoid further issues with the equipment, opt for furnace installation in Staten Island.

Modulating Furnace Installation:

The second type of furnace is a modulating furnace. This type of furnace will have multiple heating zones, each with a separate temperature controller. The heating zones are often located on the top and bottom of the product, with a zone in the middle.

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The heating zones can be controlled to heat at different rates and times, depending on the thickness of the wafer and its position in the furnace. The temperature of the heating zones can be controlled to within ±1° C. The process is carried out at a pressure of between about 0.1 mbar and about 10 mbar.

In the multistage furnace, raw materials are processed in multiple steps. This increases the quality of the final product, but at a cost. The cost of a multistage furnace is higher than a single stage furnace. Moreover, it requires more space and time to be completed.

Modulating furnaces can pull off up to 98% efficiency, which means 98% of the fuel consumed by the system produces heat. But, being the most efficient and effective, they are understandably costly. Call out experts for furnace installation in Manhattan today!

Which Furnace Works Best for You?

Take advantage of this apparently long and tedious formula to determine the best furnace for your family.

It would be more prolific if you invest in the modulating furnace especially when you plan to stay in your current home more than 5 years. However, you are still on the fence, choosing a middle route can be safe for you. Opt for the two stage to strike a balance of value to investment. In case you plan to move in the near future, a single stage will be the best fit. In case you are particular about brand, go for Trane installation.