HVAC Complaints Solved

Heating and cooling is an essential part of home comfort and safety. To improve indoor air quality, it is important to keep the air systems in good working condition. Unfortunately, even after the best preventive measures taken to keep the system running smoothly, problems are bound to arise. However, in case the systems are beyond repair, heating installation in Staten Island is the best solution.

Some of the most common heating and air complaints include:

  • Heating and air reliability
  • Heating and air service costs
  • Heating and air accuracy
  • Indoor air quality
  • Home comfort

While some issues can be fixed easily, others require expert’s intervention. Here are five common complaints homeowners have about their heating and cooling system:

Common complaints about HVAC systems

Dirty Thermostat:

Dirt and dust thwart the performance of heating and air system. Cleaning of the same can restore the health of thermostat. However, sometimes, it’s most feasible to replace the thermostat altogether. With time and use, toggles tend to get weaker due to physical damages it suffers. These toggles include pressure settings, wires and switches. All of these micro-movements contribute to different heating and air for your home.

Parts within the heating and air system dislodged:

With time and use, the components including nuts and bolts come loose and produce a clattering sound. The rubber that moves the pieces within the system frays and makes slapping sound. Even covers can come loose, pieces can fall out, foreign objects may enter. On the top of all, buildup can create havoc on the system, while causing more problems.

Registers and vents are not in open position:

There are as many vents as there are rooms in the home. Frequently, in the business of everyday, homeowners often forget to check whether they are somehow blocked or not.

The Air Filter is Full:

A dirty overused air filter can cause major damage to the heating and air system. If the air filter is full, airflow into the heating and air system is restricted. In case it fails to produce air to heat, the furnace stops the process to protect itself from overheating.

Heating and air makes home air dirty:

The attic space is the abode of thousands of different types of bacteria, allergens and particles. Ironically, this is also where air ducts are installed. If the air ducts are clogged, then airflow is restricted.

Irrespective of the problems, it’s time to find the right company that specializes in furnace repair and heating installation in Brooklyn. Hire the expert professionals who can solve such problems with care and precision.