iWave-M-mini flexible air cleaner

Indoor air quality is an increasing quality of life concern for modern people. According to a study, on an average, people spend 90 percent of their time indoors. Hence, it is important to improve the indoor air quality. Poor air quality can have a negative impact on a person’s health. If the air is not cleaned, it can aggravate existing respiratory ailments and with long term exposure can even lead to major complications.

The Best Air Purifier

Providing Highest Level of Ionization Energy

Research says that children and elderly are most vulnerable to the effect of polluted air, but anyone can be affected. To fix poor air quality, be certain to use air purifier that can keep the air clean. There are a number of different air purifiers to clean HVAC application. The new iWave®-M claims to be the latest greatest flexible ion-generating bar which can treat IAQ in nearly any HVAC applications. The air purifier provides the highest level of ionization energy in the most compact size available in the market, producing 240 million ions/cc per linear feet.

How it Functions

As the air flows past the bar, the device produces positive and negative ions, creating a plasma region that kills the mold bacteria and other germs in the air. The ionization process also reduces allergens, smoke, static electricity, as well as controlling odors and other contaminants in the air without creating ozone or any harmful byproducts.

Types of iWave Air Purifiers

Characters and Properties

With special integrated ion-generating needles, the device can fit any HVAC system coil up to 36” wide. Due to its durability and chemical resistance, it has become highly popular among homeowners and business owners. With its incredible efficiency to clean HVAC applications, it is highly favorable for ductless HVAC systems, especially mini splits, commercial VRF coils, PTAC systems, etc. Other applications that use the device include residential and commercial duct systems, transport cooling coils or even in ice machines.

Usually, this mini flexible air cleaner needs to be installed at the base of the cooling coil for ductless or duct air conditioning system. Plus, it can be integrated into wall or ceiling cassette indoor coils of mini-splits to prevent mold growth in ice machine application.