ptac air conditioning repair Brooklyn

Packaged terminal air conditioning (PTAC) systems are common in apartment buildings, hotels, and retirement homes. The owners of these properties consider these units to be convenient and cost-effective. They can easily buy one for half the price of most HVAC systems. Nevertheless, these individuals need to take necessary steps to maintain them. Otherwise, they can compromise the quality of the airflow circulating in their rooms, leading to high electricity bills.

Technicians dealing with PTAC air conditioning repair Manhattan state that most PTAC air conditioning units can last for a long time with the following 4 maintenance tips

PTAC air conditioning repair Manhattan and Brooklyn

Check the control panel, thermostat, and switches

The thermostat, control panel, and switches of a PTAC unit have to be in proper working order. If broken they will need immediate replacement.

Inspect the power cord and the connecting plug

The power cord and the connecting plug of the PTAC air conditioning system need regular inspection. They should not be broken. Experts should check the insulation and ensure that the plugs fit inside snugly.

Oiling the motors

Some of the motors of a PTAC air conditioning unit contain oil ports. They need lubricating from time to time. One should refer to the manufacturer manual when it comes to frequent lubrication of these ports.

Keep the coils and drain holes free from dirt

Dirt builds up in the coils of a PTAC air conditioning unit over time. Coils collect dirt and debris fast as the unit for the PTAC air conditioning system is located outside the premise. One should ensure that experts in the field are called to the premise for thorough cleaning of the filters and drain holes.

Experts specializing in PTAC air conditioning repair Brooklyn say taking the above 4 important maintenance tips can ensure air conditioning unit last for a long time. Nevertheless, owners should never carry out this task themselves. They have neither the skills or experience. It is in their best interests to hire proficient professionals to do it. One should call in companies that have years of valuable experience in the field. Good companies will charge reasonable rates to help home, and business owners look after and maintain their PTAC units with success!