Central Air Conditioning Repair in Staten Island

Incorrect operation is a common issue affecting a central air conditioning system. When the unit is on, it is important to keep all the doors and windows shut. Otherwise, it is not possible to maintain the right temperature within the rooms. Central air conditioning system experts add the following other 4 issues that impair the proper functioning of the unit:

Central Air Conditioning Repair in Staten Island

Inadequate maintenance

The coils and filters of a central air conditioning unit need to be clean. If they collect dirt, they will not work. This affects the proper functioning of the air conditioning unit.

Sensor problems

All central air conditioning units have thermostat sensors. They are generally at the back of the control panel. Their function is to measure the air temperature flowing through the coils. If they are not in the right place, the air conditioners will not work properly. The sensor is located near the coil; however, it should not touch the coil.

Central Air Conditioning Repair

Electric control problems

Specialists dealing with central air conditioning repair in Staten Island state the fan controls wear out quickly. The same problem also affects the compressor. Besides this, the terminal and connecting wires corrode over time. During a monthly maintenance check of the system, experts need to address such issues. Only then will the unit function properly.

Refrigerant Leaks

Improper installation of the system might cause leaks in the refrigerant. An expert should be called to fix the issue immediately. Note that a refrigerant leak is dangerous to the environment and should be as per the specifications laid down by the manufacturer.

Manufacturers take pride in making sturdy central air conditioning units for consumers to last long in the market. Unfortunately, the above 4 issues can affect the proper functioning of these systems. This is why it is important to address these problems as soon as they appear. Only then can these air conditioners last for a very long time.