boiler repair near me in queens

On a cold winter morning waking up to a broken down boiler is not the way you would want to start the day. But,not all are lucky and there are instances when such things do happen. The reason for the boiler to break down all of a sudden can be many. In the first place the breakdown might not be sudden. Your boiler might be undergoing some issues which were not paid heed to at the right time. That is why the boiler gives up at an unwanted time and lands you in frantic search for boiler repair in Queens. Knowing the reasons for boiler breakdown and paying heed to the same could have saved you a lot of trouble.

Boiler repair near me in Queens and Staten Island

What are the Most Common Reasons Your Boiler Breaks and Leads to Boiler Repair in Staten Island or Queens

Following are some of the common reasons why the boiler gives up all of a sudden and you have to search for boiler repair in Staten Island:

The pilot light is not working

This can happen when the gas supply is cut off by a broken thermocouple. Residue build-up on the pilot light can also be the reason for the pilot light to go out.


Kettling is a serious problem with the boiler and needs to be rectified at the earliest. You can make out the problem easily. Just pay attention whether you hear a deep rumbling sound from the boiler or not. This problem occurs when there is sludge or lime scale build up on the unit’s heat exchanger. This can restrict the water flow and cause the sound.

boiler repair near me in staten island

Frozen condensate pipes

The condensate pipe transfers the acidic water produced by the waste gas from the boiler to an outside drain. This pipe can freeze over. The boiler gives a fault code and you will be aware of the problem that needs to be taken a look by a professional.

Too much pressure inside the boiler

Check the pressure gauge and if it reads below 1 then there is a pressure problem in the boiler. A water leak or a problematic pressure relief valve can be at fault.

Your boiler can stop working possibly for all these reasons and more. So if you ever face these issues with the boiler then start looking for boiler repair near me at the earliest. When it comes to a boiler any small issue can get bigger in no time and can lead you to costly repairs and in worst case scenario, a replacement.