furnace repair in Brooklyn

Isn’t your furnace performing at its optimum level? Before you call a furnace repair company, go through these simple 6 troubleshooting tips to see if you can fix the issues for yourself. However, if the issues are complex, it is always recommended to hire experts for furnace repair in Brooklyn.

Trane furnace repair, troubleshooting in Brooklyn and Staten Island

Solve Common Furnace Problems with Easy Fixes

Set to Heat:

In most cases, homeowners run into furnace problems because their thermostats are not set right. Make sure that thermostat is set correctly. The switch can easily get moved during dusting.

Filter Out Trouble:

Check up on your filter for obvious dirt. Cleaning and reusing cheap hardwire store filters is not a good solution. Over time, dirt and dust settle on filter, causing the furnace to break down. A monthly routine check and on-time furnace repair in Staten Island is important.

Batteries Not Included:

Some thermostats operate on electricity, while others use batteries. Check out how your system is powered. Sometimes those that use batteries will flash a low-battery symbol indicating that they need a replacement.

Do You Have Power?

It’s important to make sure that your furnace is getting electricity. There is a switch in most thermostats which says either “On” or “Auto”. Keep it “On”. If the fan comes on, the furnace is getting power. If it doesn’t, there’s something amiss.

furnace repair in Staten Island

Look at the Circuit Breaker:

If you are yet to find the problem, it is time to check up on the breaker panel and look for the circuit that controls the furnace. Make sure all the switches are in the same position.

Break the Code:

Furnaces manufactured after 1990 feature a tiny window where a light shows through. That light can flash a code to help you know what’s going on. Throw the furnace switch off and then back on. Check out the sequence of the flashing light. Now open the furnace’s access panels. Check out the key inside to decipher the code.

Furnace problems are really a big headache. Even the most reliable furnace models such as Trane furnace system can run into problems. If you have noticed any issue with your Trane furnace, then you may take advantage of Trane furnace troubleshooting guide.