central ac repair near me in New York

The worst situation that any homeowner or commercial space owner can face in the middle of a sweating Summer is a broken down central ac unit. An air conditioning unit is one of the most essential things around the house and workplace. If it is not running well then that can bring all the daily activities to a halt. It is no longer the question of luxury but comfort. In the peak of the summer if the central ac shuts down or stops blowing cold air then it is going to be tough finding help but it will not be resolved without timely central air conditioning repair in Staten Island. It is the professional who will be able to judge better the problem areas and solve them at the earliest.

Causes for Central Air Conditioning Repair

The causes for the central ac not blowing cold air can be many and those needs to be fixed at the earliest. Following are some of the problem areas:

Take a look at the Thermostat

It might seem normal but the thermostat setting can be responsible for the unit running but not cooling the indoor air much. This can be because the thermostat has been set to Automatic from Fan. When the setting is Automatic then the thermostat switches on the ac unit when the indoor temperature rises above the desired temperature that is pre-set. If the settings was changed to Fan then the unit will blow air through the duct system but without any cooling taking place.

central air conditioning repair near me in Staten Island

Clean the dirty filters

The air filters tend to get dirty quickly. So it is better to clean them at regular intervals. Dirty air filters can affect and restrict the airflow which meas that the ac system cannot draw in sufficient air which results in insufficient air coming out. When the air filters are cleaned or replaced then you can enjoy cold air.

Cleaning the condensation drain

Air conditioners helps remove humidity from the air through condensation and that moisture is directed by the condensation drain hose to a floor drain or outside the home. With time the condensation drains can get clogged due to mold or algae. When the condensation drain in not clean then it can lead to the ac shutting down or not giving much cool air.

Keep the compressor area clear

Check whether dry leaves and debris have piled next to the compressor unit. If there is a stash of the same then it needs to be removed at the earliest. Cleaning the debris will help the ac unit to draw in sufficient air. Also nothing should be placed on the unit so that it can function to the best of its ability.

Clean the dirty coils

The ac system has condenser coils and evaporator coils. When the coils become dirty or covered with mold and dust then the output of air can be compromised.

Though these are some of the problem areas there can be other reasons too for the central ac unit not blowing enough cold air. Ensure that you call a technician for central air conditioning repair in Brooklyn to dig out the causes and get the system back in shape at the earliest.