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How does it feel to now that the ac unit that you thought you have switched off is still in the ‘on’ mode? Will it not be shocking to find high energy bills when you thin that you have been strict with your energy usage? What is that you missed? Where does the glitch lie? Have you ever considered the fact that your air conditioning unit might be running constantly? Well the truth is things like this happen but you don’t have to live with it. Finding this issue with your ac unit might not be possible for you as well because you are not a pro. Calling a technician from any of the ac companies near me in such a situation will be helpful as they would also come with the appropriate solution.

Why is the AC Unit Running Constantly?

Following are some of the reasons that technicians point out:

Not the right sized ac unit

This should be pointed out at the very onset when your ac installation Manhattan is taking place. Investing in the right size of the ac unit is important for deriving the best out of it. A small ac will not suffice and an oversized one will also not come to your assistance. To properly size a new air conditioning unit, the entire home must be measured, including square footage, volume, insulation, and ventilation. All these factors contribute to buying the right size ac. A smaller ac unit will constantly cycle on and off and running more than it should. A larger ac unit on the other hand will be inefficient driving up the energy bills and also causing airflow problems.

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The age of the ac unit

On a average an air conditioning unit is designed to last anywhere between 10 to 15 years. A lot depends however on its usage. As the ac starts to age it will inevitably show signs of trouble. It will experience frequent breakdowns along with constant repairs and part replacements. Its age is one of the reasons why it will take much time to cool the house and will constantly hover between on and off mode. It will have shorter cooling cycles along with consuming more energy.

The cooling coils are dirty

When the cooling coils are dirty then it will take a lot of time in removing the heat from your home. This will also overwork the unit and decrease its lifespan. That is why replacing the cooling coils at the earliest is necessary.

There are air leaks

During the ac installation in New York ensure that there are no leaks in the ductwork. If there are leaks then it will allow the cold air to escape from the house. The ac unit has to run more for producing the required cold air.

All these reasons can be the cause the ac unit is running constantly. This can put a dent in your finances apart from you looking forward to another ac installation soon. Get in solved at the earliest with help from local ac companies.