Furnace Blowing Cold Air why?

Are you pretty tired of the cold weather by now? No matter how you travel to work, you are going to end with a cold walk in the icy wind. As you get to your destination, you expect to walk into toasty warm space. Now imagine as you turn on the heater, you discover the furnace is not heating. Even worse, the furnace is blowing cold air!

Remember, even a fairly new furnace can break down. In some cases, you can fix the issues by yourself. However, in most cases, you are likely to have more complex problems. Calling in professionals for furnace repair in Queens would be the best decision to avoid spending unnecessary time in the cold and interrupting your business. You also don’t want to risk frozen pipes.

Let’s check out some common reasons your furnace is blowing cold air:

Incorrect Thermostat Setting:

Don’t fiddle with the thermostat setting. Changing the setting from AUTO to ON means the fan will run continuously without providing heat.

Other Thermostat Issues:

If you have installed a new thermostat lately, you are likely to have a thermostat that’s not compatible with your heating system. Check out the battery. If the battery is low, don’t hesitate to change it.

Empty Oil Tank:

When it comes to oil-fired furnace, you are likely to be out of fuel at times. In such case, blower may keep blowing cold air.

Problems with the Computerized Controls:

The newer furnace system with electrical control panel requires you to reset the system. Turn the furnace off via power switch. Wait for a few minutes, then restart. If the furnace still produces cold air, call in an expert.

Extinguished Pilot Light:

If you have an older furnace with a continuous pilot light, the pilot may have conked out due to a gust of air. Try to relight the pilot yourself if you can. If not, call an expert for furnace repair in Brooklyn.

Check the infographic for more details.

Furnace Blowing Cold Air -  13 Common Causes