Despite the popularity of forced-air furnaces, there are several ways to keep your home nice and cozy this fall and winter. Boilers have been used for heating since the late 1800s and modern technology makes them even more energy-efficient and optimized.

Many homeowners lack the basic knowledge of boiler repair in Staten Island or the functions of important components of the system. This article covers all those areas while giving an insight on the functionality of system.

How does a Hydronic boiler work?

The term “hydro” in the name suggests its connection with water in some way. The system heats up water in the central unit to keep the home warm and comfortable. The hot water or steam is then transferred through pipes to radiators located in each room. The heat then gets released into the space from the radiators, and then the water is recirculated back to the boiler to be heated again.

Main Components of the Boiler System:

Let’s know some of the most important components you’ll find in a hydronic boiler system:

Fire Tubes:

When the boiler consumes energy source, hot gases move through fire tubes. The heat within the tubes is sent to make the water warm and hot, which is sent back to the radiators.

Expansion Tank:

As science says, water expands when it is heated. The expansion tank is essentially used as an overflow container. As water is heated, the water expands. The heat then travels back into the main unit when it cools. The expansion tank also helps prevent any damage from excessive amount of pressure on the system.


The average temperature of the water in the system should be between 160-180 degrees Fahrenheit. The aquastat is an alternative to a thermostat as it help maintain the correct temperature for the home.

Safety Relief Valve:

Excessive pressure can be dangerous for your boiler. Hence, every system comes equipped with a safety relief valve that opens and empties water if the pressure or temperature increases alarmingly.


It’s also important to check out if the boiler runs too low on water. Normal boiler consumes water without manual intervention. However, a low level can happen when the system or the pipes suffer any problem. The low water cut-off safety feature is used to monitor the water level in the tank.

Since the boiler repair in Queens is time consuming method, it’s best to find the right boiler heating expert who can provide free consultation and estimate.