If you want to maintain your existing furnace system, you must have proper understanding of the parts of the system. Acquiring little bit of knowledge about your heater and air conditioner makes finding and fixing problems super easy and stress-free. Learning about furnace installation in Brooklyn also helps prevent inconvenient, expensive breakdowns, keeping your system running smooth, thereby ensuring cool and comfort inside your home. Some of the most important parts of your furnace system are your blower motor, condenser, combustion chamber, evaporator, thermostat, etc.

Furnace maintenance tips

Blower Motor:

The blower motor of your furnace is accountable for distributing warm air through the house. It takes heated and cooled air created within the furnace and circulates it throughout the home in order to ensure optimum temperature is reached on the thermostat. It contains a fan which blows the air through the ventilation system of the home.

Condenser Coil or Compressor:

Condenser coil or compressor is a part of the air conditioning and furnace system which cools the home by releasing heat into the outdoor air. It also has a fan that blows air over the compressor to disperse the heat and cool the refrigerant faster. To prevent damage and keep the system in good working condition, you should keep grass clippings, fallen leaves,debris and dirt away from the condenser.

Combustion Chamber:

The combustion chamber is the metal box the contains the gas burners around it serving the furnace. When the furnace is turned on, the burners light, producing flames that heat the chamber.


The function of an evaporator coil of an air conditioner or heat pump is to absorb the heat from the air in the house. It is located inside the air handler or attached to the furnace.


The thermostat is the fulcrum of your home heating system. Its main function is to determine the amount of the heat to be delivered by the furnace. There are basic four types of modern thermostat: programmable, non-programmable, Wi-Fi and Smart. Non-programmable thermostat is a unit whereby you can adjust the thermostat at an optimum temperature so that all of you get the desired atmosphere. A programmable unit enables the users to set back your heat at night or when you are away. It also allows you to set different programs for weekdays and weekends. The digital thermostats, on the other hand, shuts off the furnace automatically when the desired temperature is reached.

Take note of the problems you are facing and hire contractors for furnace installation in Queens.