Time to Replace Your Furnace

Some things can be hard to part with. We all have those precious valuables that we don’t want to let go of no matter how worn-out they are. It might be a little diary or a t-shirt or a show-piece, and more.

Keeping a diary encased in a unique plastic wrap is one thing but what if your furnace is on its last legs? How do you know whether you need to pay for repairs or invest in new furnace installation in Staten Island.

What Are The Signs to Know That It Is Time For Furnace Replacement

Let’s check out six signs to look out for that can make your decision easier.

Check out how old your system is. The average service life of a gas furnace is 15-20 years. If your system belongs to that range, it may not be worth to spend more money on repairs. To determine the age of your furnace, all you need to do is to look up the model number to get a better idea.

With time and use, every furnace system requires frequent tune-ups. What’s the point in spending on regular maintenance when you could be putting that money toward a new system instead?

Does the system emit any strange noise? Is it producing any buzzing or rattling sounds when it’s running? If so, you may most likely need to check the motor for issues. Leaving the problems unfixed means rapid escalation of problems and complete breakdown of the system.

Are your energy bills going up? If your furnace is on the verge of its lifespan, it won’t operate effectively as much as it did when it was new or in better condition. Lower efficiency contributes to higher energy bills. If you find no other explanations for the increase, then maybe your system needs some immediate inspections.

Poor performance is a tell-tale sign of breakdowns. Check out if cold air is coming out of vents. Is your system heating rooms unevenly? These are some common problems you will most likely experience with a struggling furnace. Make sure all the tune-ups are up-to-date. If these things fail, it may be worth it to spend on replacement of the unit instead of repair. Hire residential HVAC contractors and have a new system installed soon.