Homes that use a central heating boiler to keep the inside temperature comfortable during the cold winter months, should be careful about its maintenance. A new boiler installation in Staten Island is not enough unless it’s properly taken care of. Here are some tips that would help to extend the life of the boiler system extended by several years.

New Boiler Installation in Manhattan & Staten Island

New Boiler Installation in Manhattan

Clear the flues and air vents

If the energy bill has spiked recently, there might be an issue with the existing boiler. The most common reason why the boilers lose their energy efficiency is the vents and flues were not cleared in recent times. Over time, it’s very likely that the dirt can accumulate and significantly block the air passage required for the boiler to work properly. As the boiler is forced to work hard, it will produce heat compelling energy bill to go up.

Check water level

Water level of the boiler must be checked at least once in every two weeks. Boilers usually have a safety feature for monitoring the level of water. It automatically adds water if the level gets low. Without enough water, the boiler may start a sudden fire and get completely damaged. As a result, the homeowner may need to think about a new boiler installation in Manhattan. But boilers with this automatic safety feature are out of this risk. The system fills the boiler with water as it gets low and immediately shuts off when the water is below a particular level. It’s normal for the boiler to lose little bit of water as it runs. But checking water level obviously provides peace of mind ensuring that the safety feature is working properly.

Look for boiler leaking

Boiler leaks can lead to significantly expensive repairs. And thus it’s utmost important to check the system just in case there’s something suspicious. To find any leak in the boiler, just turn the thermostat on to high temperature to turn on the boiler and spot leaks, if there are any. Also check floor around the boiler as well as its main vent and other exposed pipe joints. Checking the radiators in every room is required as well.

These are a few things to take care of to ensure proper functionality of the boiler.