furnace installation in Manhattan

Furnace Repair & Installation in Manhattan Queens

If you are of the opinion that furnaces and air conditioning units do not tell when they want a technician looking at them, then you are probably wrong. As every disease has its symptoms, so does mechanical things in our house do give us warning signs that it is time for them to have a repair done or say goodbye altogether. The mistake lies in our part as to either overlook those signs or not taking action at the proper time. An air conditioning unit or a furnace can also have the same fate. Before it gets too late, try and recognize those symptoms so that you can avoid an furnace repair in Queens.

Though the ac units can take a backseat for the moment, as the winter months approaches, it is time to take a closer look at the furnace. You need to keep this in good shape so that your family can spend comfortable nights at home when the temperature gets freezing outside. So, what you do? Apart from going for a servicing which you must, if you haven’t done one in a long time, do look out for some noises or sounds from the furnace when it is put on. If you hear any sounds that is far from being what sounds normal, then it is time to call the technician.

What Noises Are Not Good For The Furnace?

Following are the noises that is not good news for the furnace.

  • If you hear there is a loud bang when the furnace is put on, then it will mean that there are issues with the ignitor or the furnace burner. If the ignitor or the furnace burner is dirty, then it will cause gas build up. When the gas ignites, it creates a loud bang. This is a cause of concern as there can be a serious accident. Moreover, it might lead to carbon monoxide leak or ruin the heat exchanger replacing which will be a very costly affair.
  • If the furnace makes a whining noise, then it means that the shaft bearings need to be oiled. There can also be concerns with the blower motor or blower belt.
  • The sound of metal against metal will point out problems with the blower wheel which might be loose or might need a replacement because it is too damaged. Hearing a scraping noise means it is time to give the technician a call.

A furnace installation in Manhattan is not the end of things. One needs to opt for seasonal furnace tune-up that will help pinpoint certain issues before they become bigger and costlier problems.