Coronavirus Handling Products From Arnica

The spread of Coronavirus disease has all of us on the edge. With every coming day, we are being introduced with more confirmed cases and casualties caused by the deadly COVID 19 which is the major cause of disruption.

In this most difficult hour, it is imperative to take care of indoor air quality to ensure health and safety for your family members. While regular washing of hands, minimizing exposure to public spaces, trying not to touch eyes, nose and mouth and maintaining social distance are touted to be some of the common defense mechanism against Coronavirus, it is also important to improve indoor air quality to protect your family members against future virus outbreaks.

Improve indoor air quality for safety

Coronavirus Vs Particulate Matter

Viruses and pollution have a lot in common. Both are air borne and invisible through open eyes. Both pose health hazards and casualty. However, they are quite different in terms of size.

As reported by many sources, air purifier can be used to remove many particles from the air but they may not work for Coronavirus because of its small size. The residential HVAC contractors will be able to find the absolute perfect temperature for your house.

Modern Air Purifier Can Combat Virus Spread

The advanced air purifiers contribute to advanced filtration unlike other traditional purifiers. They are capable of capturing 99.95% of particle pollution as small as 0.1 Microns. The new purifying technology is currently undergoing stringent testing to confirm successful protection against viruses like COVID 19. In the coming days, it could be used as a solution.

How Smart HVAC Brands May Help Protect Us in the Future

According to research, higher humidity levels can reduce the ineffective nature of influenza virus particles.

However, people in the USA are likely to suffer the most due to dangerously low levels of humidity.

With the arrival of smart home technologies and intelligent HVAC and air purifier systems, people will enjoy improved indoor air quality, therefore better health and safety. A reputed HVAC Company is committed to bring advanced technology and tools to ensure improved health and indoor air quality.