central air conditioning repair in staten island

Users of air conditioning units have often been found complaining about water leaking into their homes. Well, this is a common enough problem that can be temporarily fixed by turning off your thermostat. However, you need to contact a professional for central air conditioning repair in Staten Island before long. Do not be oblivious to the facts while the experienced technician gets down tackling the problem. You will benefit by learning about the common reasons that could result in an identical problem in the future.

When to contact a professional for central air conditioning repair

Some of the oft found causes happen to be:

Clogging of condensate drain

This part of the AC collects water and drains it outside thereby ensuring that the cooling unit remains functional. You will be aghast at knowing that failing to maintain it properly might cause dirt and debris to accumulate within the drain over time. It is sure to be clogged completely eventually. The water leaks inside your home as the egress is blocked.


It is natural to turn on the AC when the weather outside is too hot for comfort. You must avoid trying to increase the cooling effect when the outdoor temperature happens to be well below 60 degrees. Doing this will result in ice forming over the evaporator coils with water gradually leaking from the unit

Low Refrigerant

You will experience water dripping all over your pricey carpet and floor when the level of refrigerant becomes low. You do not have to fix it yourself though. Call a professional to recharge it instantly and get rid of the problem. You may also find the professional removing the unit and ensuring proper central AC installation once again if the issue had been due to faulty installation.

Dirty Filter

It is essential to clean the parts of your AC regularly in order to keep it functioning at optimum. Overlooking it can result in ice formation over the coil with the drip pan holding the dirty water from melted ice. The moisture would be sure to seep in once the pan overflows causing you to sit up and take notice.

HVAC experts recommend professional services for central air conditioning repair in Manhattan even when the amount of water leakage is minimal.