Trane vs Carrier vs Lennox Furnace Review

If you are looking to purchase a new furnace, you are mostly likely in a fix. Choosing among options like Trane, Carrier, and Lennox is really challenging. This comparative guide can be helpful in picking the right furnace on the basis of quality, reliability, efficiency and feature. So, read and explore and get to work in furnace installation in Queens.

Trane, Carrier, and Lennox Furnace Installation

Furnace Efficiency:

Lennox is the leader here. The brand invests heavily in the development of efficient equipment. Trane and Carrier are right behind Lennox in terms of furnace efficiency.

  • Lennox top 3: 98.7%, 97.5% and 96%
  • Carrier top 3: 98.5%, 96.7% and 96.7%
  • Trane top 3: 97.%, 97% and 96.7%

The differences are not huge. It simply suggests the competitiveness among the three brands.


Whether it is Trane, Lennox or Carrier, all offer basic units alongside other rich features. Each brand comes standard with a variable speed fan and smart thermostat. Each of them offers humidity control which moves humid air over the coil while the coil is still cold. Similarly, these systems also work to add humidity to the air. Each offers thermostats which allow users to monitor and control the HVAC system through an Android or IOS device and the app.

Heat Exchangers:

Every furnace offers a primary heat exchanger. It works by allowing the combustion gases to pass through on their way out the flue. The cold air that furnace pulls in gets heated as it passes over the heat exchanger tubing. Condensing furnaces are equipped with secondary exchangers that shift additional heat into the circulating air.

Trane, Lennox and Carrier – all come up with similar heat exchangers which are made from aluminized steel. The second heat exchangers use stainless steel. All three share equal footing in terms of heat exchangers.

Variable Capacity Heating:

All these three brands are known for variable capacity furnaces. They take advantage of modulating gas valve for this purpose. Just like cruise control, the gas valve gets input from the thermostat and modulates up and down as needed to maintain precisely balanced temperature.

Future Repairs:

Whichever of them you choose, make sure you an impeccable furnace installation in Manhattan. Usually, any of these units require any major repair in 15-20 years. Parts are widely available for all of them. Carrier is the best brand to own if repair is needed.

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