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Your central air conditioning unit is supposed to keep your home smelling good. Maintaining good indoor air quality is one of the primary functions of an air conditioning unit. A good quality ac unit not only keeps the temperature cool inside the house but also helps in purifying the air. Hence when you switch on the ac unit only to find that it is giving out a musty smell, then it is time to know that something is wrong with the ac unit. It would be best if you got in touch with a technician to see the issues and whether you would require a central air conditioning repair in Staten Island

Central air conditioning repair in Staten Island & Manhattan

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What are the reasons for the central air conditioning unit giving out the musty smell 

There are specific reasons why the air conditioning unit might be giving out a musty smell. Knowing the causes will help in finding the solution easily and quickly. 

Evaporator coils are frozen

Air conditioning units absorb the warm air and humidity from the house, cooling it and then recycling the cold air back into the house through the return vents. For ensuring that the air flows without any disruption, the air filters have to be clean. Air filters gather dust and dirt over the time that builds a hindrance to airflow. It will also cause water drops from the humidity inside to collect on the evaporator coils. The refrigerant cools the air causing water drops to freeze on the coils. The solution to handle the problem is to check and replace the air filters while there is still time. 

Excess moisture in the air ducts or vents

High level of humidity is responsible for causing excess moisture to build in the air ducts and vents. The presence of moisture can also lead to mold formation, which is harmful. When the ac unit is switched, the presence of mold and mildew causes the musty smell. That is why a thorough duct cleaning needs to be scheduled. 

Clogged condensation line

Water collecting in the drain pan of the ac unit is drained outside the home through the condensation line. There is a PVC pipe just next to the condenser unit. The pipe is small, and the enclosed space is limited for holding the water. This is an excellent place for mold sludge to grow. This can clog the condensate line and be the reason for spreading musty smell in the house. 

Full Drain pan

When the ac unit removes the humidity from the air, then moisture causes water droplets to fall into the drain or drip pan. With time when the drain pipe undergoes wear and tear, the drain pan cannot drain the collected water properly. This can cause mold build-up, which gives out a musty smell and circulates in the home when the unit is turned on. 

These are some of the few reasons why the functionality of the ac unit can also be compromised apart from giving out a bad moldy and musty smell. It can lead to expensive Central Air Conditioning Systems repair Manhattan if the issues are not rectified on time. Get in touch with a technician to solve things quickly.