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A common problem among homeowners is that they do not pay much heed to their boilers. As much as you need your cooling system to run effectively during the Summer months you would loo forward to the boiler for ensuring you comfortable and warm mornings and nights when the mercury falls to a record low. Finding the boiler not working at that point in time will mean you stranded in the cold and paying for boiler repair. So unless you are ready to shell out a big amount of money on boiler repair in Staten Island take a look at the potential problems that have pushed the boiler to the very edge.

What are the Boiler Safety Tips for Fall and Winter

If you want to stick around your old boiler for many years to come then it is upto you to keep it in good shape. Timely maintenance and attending to the minor technical errors will be helpful. Experts handling boiler repair share some sure shot safety tips for the Fall and Winter:

Keep the room clear

Ensure that the boiler room is not doubling up as your storage room too. It is better to keep the boiler in that room only. Boilers generate extreme heat and require proper airflow circulation. Stacking a lot of boxes in the same room is just another fire hazard that you would need to avoid.

Clear exhaust flues

Restricted or improper airflow is not a good sign for a boiler. It can create pressure in the boiler leading often to fire breakouts explosion and carbon monoxide buildup. Exhaust flues and all potential obstructions must be removed and the airflow path kept clear.

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Check the water levels

Homeowners should know how to check the level of water in the boiler as the presence of the right amount of water is important for the performance of the boiler. Low water level is responsible for affecting the temperature and pressure level. One should also check for leaks and get them rectified at the earliest.

Check the boiler filters

The boiler filters need to be checked and kept clean to prevent boiler accidents and breakdown. On the experts recommendation boilers filters need to be replaced as and when required and cleaned at least 4 times a year.

Don’t miss on Annual tune-up

Annual tune-up and servicing of the boiler is yet another safety tip and a way to avoid costly boiler repair in Brooklyn. When a boiler is serviced at the proper time then it functions at optimum level the manufacturer’s warranty stays intact and one does not have to spend more on monthly energy bills.

Following all these safety tips is helpful in keeping the boiler in good condition.