Benefit of the HEAP - Home Energy Assistance Program

The Home Energy Assistance Program (HEAP) assists low-income households in paying for their residential heating.

You may get one normal HEAP benefit per program year if you qualify, and you may also be eligible for emergency HEAP benefits if you are at the risk of running out of fuel or having your utility service turned off.

If you have any questions about the HEAP program, please contact your HEAP Local District Contact.

HEAP is a good option if you use the following to heat your home, including electricity, natural gas, oil, coal, propane, wood/wood pellets, kerosene, and corn.

Temperatures are dropping across the state. According to the New York Public Service Commission, electricity and natural gas rates are predicted to be higher for the 2021-2022 winter season than last year, with natural gas prices expected to rise by an average of roughly 21% statewide. Propane prices have also increased by approximately 30% since last winter, according to the Propane Pricing Dashboard of the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority.

Regular HEAP Benefit

The Regular HEAP benefit year 2021-2022 began on October 1, 2021.

As mentioned, to be able to pay for heating your home, you need to qualify regular HEAP benefit per program year.

The following factors determine eligibility and benefits:

  • Income
  • Household size
  • The principal heating source, and
  • The presence of a household member who is under the age of six, 60 years old, or permanently handicapped

For households that pay directly for heat based on actual consumption, regular awards are offered directly to the vendor who supplies the household’s primary heat source. To acquire a list of participating vendors, go to the HEAP Participating Vendor List. After choosing your county of residence and the type of fuel you use to heat your home, click “Go.” To keep your heating unit running strong, call experts for heating repair in Staten Island.

If any of the following apply to your household, you may be eligible for a Regular benefit:

You and your household members are US citizens or qualified aliens, and your household’s gross monthly income is at or below the current income guidelines for your household size as listed in the table below, or you receive SNAP benefits, Temporary Assistance, or Code A Supplemental Security Income (SSI Living Alone)

Add-On Benefits for Households Paying Directly for Heat regularly:

If the household’s gross income falls within the Tier 1 income level, the basic Regular benefit will be enhanced by $41.

If a vulnerable person lives in the family, the basic Regular benefit will be enhanced by $35. (household member who is age 60 or older, under age 6, or permanently disabled). Seek professional assistance for heating repair in Manhattan today!

Tier I eligibility is determined by gross income and household size; the household’s gross income must be at or below 130 percent of the federal poverty level for the household size on the date of application, or at least one adult household member must be receiving ongoing assistance through Temporary Assistance (TA), Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), or code A SSI.