Common Furnace Odors indicate furnace repair or troubleshooting brooklyn

When everything is working properly, your furnace should operate quietly and without emitting any odors. If you detect a weird stench coming from your heating system or air ducts, it’s likely that there’s a problem that has to be addressed.

Trane furnace repair Brooklyn and Queens Guide

Here are three of the most prevalent furnace odors we hear about.

Burning Odor

When you switch on your furnace for the first time each fall, you may notice a slight burning smell. The dust burning off in the equipment is what you’re smelling. Within an hour, the odor should be gone. Keep in mind that if your system has to burn off a lot of dust, it’s definitely time for maintenance. Call on experts for your furnace repair in Brooklyn today!

If the burning odor persists, your furnace may be suffering from one of the following problems:

  • Overheating equipment (check for a clogged air filter)
  • Hot or melting electrical components
  • Something has got stuck in your furnace and is burning or melting.
  • The oil filter has to be replaced (in oil-burning furnaces only)

Rotten Egg Odor

This odor indicates a gas leak in your furnace. As natural gas is combustible and harmful, you should turn off your system right away. Natural gas has no odor on its own, but as a safety precaution, gas companies add certain visibly unpleasant sulfur compounds to it so that people may perceive it.

If only a slight rotten egg stench is detected, it’s usually okay to open the windows to help air your home before evacuating. If the stink is really strong, everyone in your home should leave right away. You don’t want to create sparks that may ignite the gas, so don’t switch any electrical equipment on or off, and don’t plug or unplug anything. Call out professionals for furnace repair in Queens.

Once you’re out of the house, call your gas provider to report the leak. If the leak is “on the side” of their obligations, the gas company will fix it. If the leak is in your heating system, though, you will almost certainly have to get a professional to fix it.

Musty, “Gym Sock” Odor

Mold is likely forming somewhere in your HVAC system if the air coming out of your vents smells musty or like a neglected bag of exercise clothes in the trunk of your car.

To thrive, mold spores need three things: food (like dust), water (like condensation), and oxygen. Mold might start to form within your system as it collects dust and humidity. Mold can also develop within leaking air ducts.

To keep your Trane furnace, it’s time to refer to the Trane furnace troubleshooting.