boiler repair in staten island ny

Winters in Staten Island and Manhattan can be pretty harsh and keeping that in mind the boiler in your home needs to be kept in ship-shape. The boiler is one of the most important equipment around the house during the Fall and Winter. As the temperature starts to fall and it gets colder you would always want hot water in all the taps in the house. A boiler that has not been maintained well can break down without any notice leaving you in a mess. It can also lead to emergency boiler repair in Staten Island or Manhattan which can be costly. Finding a technician can also be a bit difficult too in the middle of the season. So there are some ways in which you can avoid the entire thing. There are a few handy boiler maintenance tips that can save the day.

Boiler maintenance tips Staten Island Manhattan

What maintenance tips can help you avoid boiler repair in Manhattan during the Winter and Fall?

Following are some of the few handy tips that can help keep the boiler in excellent condition and avoid a costly repair:

Ensure that there are no blockages

If your boiler is surrounded by things that can cause hindrances then that can cause problems with functionality of the boiler. There should be no blockage and hence if there are some things around the boiler then all that should be removed. The boiler should not be covered and the air vents should be free from any obstruction. There should be nothing obstructing the outside flues as well.

boiler repair in manhattan ny

Run the boiler from time to time

No homeowner would want to run the boiler unnecessarily as doing so will mean adding to the electricity bill. However this is a better way to ensure that the boiler is in good condition and free of any glitches. This small task will prove beneficial in the long run and would probably save you from expensive boiler repair in Manhattan. Running the boiler will also ensure that the boiler pump is free from any grit. Though not for long hours it is better to run the boiler for a few minutes every day during the Summer season.

Clear exhaust flues

If you see that the boiler is showing signs of improper airflow then that is a sign of trouble. This can lead to creating pressure in the boiler which can lead to fire break out and carbon monoxide buildup. Exhaust flues should be removed and the airflow path kept completely clear.

Ensure that the boiler is not frozen

During the winter months it is likely for the condensate pipes to freeze. For this the boiler might stop working properly. Hence see to it that nothing like this happens.

Following these maintenance tips is simple and not much hassle. Keeping the boiler maintained well might be helpful in avoiding emergencies during the Fall and Winter.