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The furnace is the most needed equipment around the house as the chill sets in the air and the temperature starts to fall. Spending outside in the cold is never a good idea and to stay warm indoors you have to ensure that the furnace is working fine. Any unnoticed glitch can grow into something bigger that can not only go out of hand quickly but also cause a lot of danger. Carbon monoxide leakage is one of such snags that can not only be a safety hazard but also lead to costly furnace repair in Queens and New York NY.

A lot of furnaces nowadays run on gas and produce carbon Monoxide which is a colorless tasteless and odorless gas. With these properties it is impossible to detect the same when the gas starts leaking. The carbon monoxide that is released from the furnace is contained within the walls of the heat exchanger. If the unit is working as it should be then the gas gets directed through the flue pipe of the furnace and safely vented out of the home. Carbon monoxide is generated in low quantity if the furnace is working fine but in due course of time the furnace gets dirtier and that generates a significant amount of CO. Due to bad maintenance if the flue pipes develop a crack then the gas can find passage in the indoor air which can be dangerous and lethal in the wrong run.

How to avoid the leak and furnace repair?

carbon monoxide leak

Following are some of the ways in which the carbon monoxide leakage can be avoided:

Ensure that the furnace installation was right

Sometimes things can go back as much as to the installation of the furnace. You might not have considered it in the first place but a wrong installation might be the cause of the problem that you are facing today with the furnace. According to experts wrongful installation of the blower motor or improperly designed ductwork can be the reasons why the furnace has issues with venting the carbon monoxide gas properly.

Change the air filters as needed

If there is a backup of airflow in the heating system then that can be another cause for CO leakage. The only way to deal with the issue is by getting the filters changed as and when necessary. It is better to consider the changes all throughout the heating season.

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Install carbon monoxide detectors

Another good way of detecting whether there is a carbon monoxide leakage or not is to install CO detectors. Since the gas is tasteless and odorless it is not possible for any human to detect the same.

Another good way of avoiding Carbon Monoxide leakage and furnace repair New York, NY is to opt for annual furnace maintenance. Get in touch with the local HVAC company so that the technicians can take a detailed look at the same for any potential problems and get it treated while still there is time.