heating repair in Staten Island New York

Finding the right HVAC system for your residential unit is not an easy feat. While having a perfect system is vital for the comfort and warmth of the home, constantly worrying about its performance and lifespan is no thrilling experience. So, let’s check out the systems available in the market and know about their benefits before making any selection for the home.

The modern heating systems come in two forms – a heat pump and a furnace.

The question is – what’s the difference between the two and which one will work best for your needs?


Most homeowners have furnaces in their homes. A furnace will produce heat by consuming natural gas or oil before transferring it into your home. There are also furnaces that are run by electricity. The early furnaces were not that efficient, but the recent units are up to 98-percent efficient, meaning only 2 percent of the forced air escapes.

For those who have natural gas lines by their home and recently installed an air conditioning system, a furnace is a perfect choice. Going for an AC system with a furnace will be more apt than finding a backup heating method such as a heat pump. To keep your heating system in good shape, be sure to look for experts that specialize in heating repair in Staten Island.

Heat Pumps:

Compared to furnaces, heat pumps don’t consume fuel sources or produce heat. Instead, they are run by electricity and use refrigerant to extract heat from the outdoor air and transfer it into the home. Moreover, the ability to work in reverse to move heat out of the home and cool it down makes it stand out among the crowds. To get the best out of the system, let’s hire professionals for heating repair in Queens.

As the system is powered by electricity, it can have up to 300-percent efficiency. All it requires one unit of electrical energy to extract three units of heat out of the home when performing at its peak. If there are no natural gas lines, it would be best to opt for heat pumps, as they are run by electricity. The only drawback of the system is that if the temperature outside drops below freezing, it impacts that efficiency.

Need to keep your heating system in good working order? Contact the HVAC specialists and get the best heating repair New York.