Cause for Heating Repair in Staten Island or Queens

Keeping a house warm or cool in summer or winter is no doubt a costly proposition. So one might wonder whether shutting off vents in some rooms could help reduce the cost. But that’s not how it works in reality. An HVAC unit is specifically tailored to match the cubic feet of a home’s living space. No matter how many vents are open, the unit will run at the same power level.

Heating Repair in Staten Island and Queens

Let’s find out why shutting off vents could end up costing more than keeping them open.

The Pressure Problem:

When the furnace is activated, the hot air is directed out of the vents, thanks to the blowers. When vents are shut off, the air pressure builds up and increases the risk of duct leaks. Leaks in ducts accounts for the loss of heated or cooled air into the walls, which then adds up to the energy bills.

System Strain:

The mechanism of an HVAC unit involves drawing in air and expelling it. So, it consists of two vents – supply vents and return-air vents. The first delivers heated and cooled air to rooms, whereas the second forces air to the unit. If the supply vents are closed, negative air pressure builds up, making it difficult for the HVAC unit to draw in air. This adds strain on the HVAC motor as it works hard to draw in air. This additional stress on the HVAC unit can cause damage to the heat exchanger when the furnace is running. Similarly, it tells upon the HVAC’s compressor when the AC is running, resulting in high repair costs and reducing the system’s useful life.

The Heat Sink Effect:

The variation in temperature in different rooms in the house is the result of heat sink. It draws in heat through walls, floors, or ceilings from adjacent heated rooms. Keeping all vents open allows for uniform distribution of heat, thereby reducing heat sink effect. An investment in heating repair in Queens is the most potent solution to such problem.

Mold Growth:

Reduced air circulation in rooms with closed vents encourages mold and mildew growth, especially if there’s enough moisture in the room. Leaving all vents open will help keep everything dry and healthier. Take advantage of heating repair in Staten Island and get the issues fixed before they turn into anything serious.