Furnace Exhaust Pipe  is Leaking

A furnace exhaust pipe is essentially used to direct the harmful gases such as carbon monoxide away from your home. The furnace exhaust pipe performs from the furnace’s combustion chamber.

Furnace Exhaust Pipe Repair in Staten Island and Queens

Have you noticed that your furnace exhaust pipe is leaking?

If you notice that your flue pipe is leaking water or gas, then it’s likely that your furnace is in distress. Both of these flue pipe leaks constitute the cause for concern since they turn out to be an even bigger problem – a carbon monoxide leak. An investment in furnace repair in Staten Island can help you keep your furnace dry and safe.

In this post, you will learn:

  • What to do if your furnace exhaust pipe is leaking water
  • What to do if your furnace exhaust pipe is leaking gas
  • The possible causes of these different leaks
  • How to fix or avoid them in the future
furnace repair in Staten Island Queens

Why is My Furnace Exhaust Pipe Leaking Water?

High efficiency furnaces often develop exhaust pipe leaks. In fact, there’s nothing unusual about a high efficiency furnace building up condensation. Condensation is vented through a pipe that leads to a floor drain where it safely exits your home.

Sometimes, your pipe encounters issues such as clogs or cracks somewhere along the tubing. It eventually poses the risk of a condensation leak that makes a mess of your home. The quickest and most convenient way to get rid of the exhaust pipe leak is to fix the leaking tubing.

So why is the furnace exhaust pipe leaking water?

The incorrect size of the exhaust pipe is often responsible for the condensation leak. As the furnace exhaust cools down within the pipe, condenses, and becomes water vapor, it leads to condensation leak.

Additionally, vulnerable joints allow for condensation to build up, leading to condensation leak. Have a professional check your flue pipe and patch any holes.

Why is My Furnace Exhaust Pipe Leaking Gas?

A condensation leak in your furnace exhaust pipe may also point to leaking gas. If left unchecked, this could turn into a serious issue. Check for bubbles where water is leaking from the flue pipe. Engage professionals to inspect the pipe and your home for carbon monoxide leaks. Hire furnace repair in Queens and get the job done before it turns into a serious issue.