central air conditioning repair in Brooklyn

It is hard to fathom the reasons for a central air conditioning repair in Brooklyn. The central ac unit is a complex equipment, and just like any other home equipment, it too undergoes wear and tear and asks for maintenance. There can be just any number of issues that a central air conditioning unit might be facing. To make out the reason why, one needs to call in technicians who offer central air conditioning repair in Brooklyn.

Of the many reasons for the central air conditioning unit not working, there is one that can be really a hassle for the ac owner, and that is if the ac unit is constantly working. If the ac unit runs non-stop, then there might be various issues for the same.

Central Air Conditioning Repair in Brooklyn & Staten Island

Following are the reasons for which your central ac unit might be running all the time and making it more inefficient.

Check whether the filters are clean and in good shape

The filters are a very important part of the ac unit. Whether it is a window unit, or a central ac unit, the filters need to kept clean. Dirty air filters can restrict the air flow and can count down on the amount of cool air that the ac unit produces. This will make the air conditioning unit to run more through the day which in turn can have an effect on the monthly energy bill. When there is not enough air flowing over the coils, the ac unit fails to decrease humidity and bring the temperature down making the ac run all the time. When the filters are cleaned properly, then the airflow increases and the ac cools more effectively. The air filters need to be cleaned once a month for best results.

The air conditioner coils are all covered in dirt

The air conditioner coils also often get clogged due to dirt and dust, debris, or pet hair. This restricts the air flow and with the reduced airflow your central ac unit will have diminished performance resulting in the ac running non-stop. Those with a central ac unit on the premises, need to have a technician offering central air conditioning repair in Staten Island take a look at the system annually so that the condenser and evaporator coils are cleaned properly.

The size of the central air conditioning unit is not right

If the central ac unit on the premises is not of the correct size, then that can one of the reasons for the ac being inefficient in functionality and one of the reasons why it goes on non-stop. Even the wrong duct size can be the reason for the central ac unit running without any break.

For these reasons, the ac unit might not be working in the manner they should or might be working non-stop. It is better to get in touch with a technician who is aware of the problems so that all of it can be rectified.