PTAC air conditioning installation Manhattan

In Manhattan or Brooklyn, finding space to install a HVAC unit is hard to find. Tall buildings and skyscrapers occupy a major portion of the available space. Many homeowners often don’t have the independence of enjoying the benefits of a roof, balcony or basement where the HVAC unit can be installed. Does that mean that homeowners or commercial space owners have to compromise on their comfort? Certainly not. They can very easily consider approaching a company that offers PTAC air conditioning installation Manhattan.

PTAC stands for Package Terminal Air Conditioner which is a self-contained unit that is installed through the wall of one’s home or office. Setting up a PTAC unit is easy as it does not require complex ductwork, but nevertheless the installation can be tricky, and should not be handled by any novice person. It is better to be handled by professionals with experience in setting up the ac unit.

PTAC air conditioning installation Manhattan & Brooklyn

Following are some of the things that matters when it comes to PTAC installation.

The very first thing that needs to be taken into account is the location. Location matters, as every location comes with its challenges. If it is just a replacement, then there might be no issues. However, if the installation is taking place for the first time, then a perfect spot has to be chosen so that the functionality of the unit is not compromised. Technicians say that it is better to keep 6 to 8 inches of clear space around the unit so that there is better airflow and proper air circulation. Make sure that the spot is clear of any obstruction. If he installation is new, then technicians will have to make a precise opening in the drywall for a perfect fit. It is always better to rely on professionals for the same or check the manual.

Make sure to secure the installation. One must ensure that the PTAC unit is anchored well so that it can constantly go on providing uninterrupted service. This is also crucial for the longevity of the PTAC unit. Also, the unit should be properly leveled, or else even a small angle would damage the wall. If the unit is to be installed on the wall, make sure not to puncture the base pan. Condensation is collected in the base pan and a leak would be responsible for water damage.

A new PTAC installation will need the outlet and the wiring to be inspected as well so that the unit’s required voltage can be handled correctly. It is better to call for a technician expert in offering PTAC air conditioning installation Brooklyn to look into the matter, so that the wiring can be handled safely and correctly.

This is all about installing the interior unit. Care has to be taken of the outdoor units and the parts as well. Those need to be thoroughly sealed so that it can withstand the elements of the weather. All these things need to be taken into account during a PTAC installation in Brooklyn or Manhattan.