Furnace repair in queens for the furnace flame to go out when blower comes on

The furnace is one of the essential equipment around the house that needs to be at its best when the winter chill starts to set in. No one desires a furnace breakdown during this time as furnace repair in Queens can be pretty costly during this time. Nevertheless, predicting issues with a furnace is hard, and despite of all the maintenance, it might go hard on the homeowner at times. One of the common issues that most homeowners complain of with their furnaces is the furnace flame going out when the blower comes on. There are a few probable reasons for this to happen. To the homeowner, this is completely unknown. Hence, it is better to call a technician who can take a look at the same and find the probable cause of the issue.

Residential furnace repair in Queens and Manhattan

Why the furnace flame goes out?

When the technician is trying to find out the reasons for the furnace flame to go out when the blower comes on, ensure that the gal valve is closed. This needs to be done to avoid any issue or mishap. Following are some of the reasons for the issue with the furnace flame:

Issue with the Airflow

The furnace needs to have proper airflow into the burner or else, it will turn off. The furnace filters need to be looked at also as clogged filters can cause the furnace to shut off. The furnace needs to be kept in a place with less restrictions so that the airflow is not restricted in any way. The source of the airflow, either inside or outside, must be clean.

Issue with the Flame Rollout Switch

A furnace flame rollout takes place when the flames burn outside the combustion chamber. This occurs in the case of a blocked flue or the build up of gases in the chamber. Both these can affect the furnace and it may also lead carbon monoxide to develop and circulate throughout your home. The purpose of the flame rollout switch is to monitor the amount of heat within the furnace and cut off the gas supply when the temperature outside the combustion chamber exceeds a certain level. As the flame rollout switch is causing the furnace to die out, the blower is not responsible for the same. Timing plays a crucial roll in this process. Technicians offering furnace repair in Manhattan are aware that by the time the blower turns on, it is time that the flame rollout switch recognizes the problem and shuts the furnace down. The switches might need to be replaced if they are not working right.

Trouble with the Flame Sensor

The flame sensor has to be checked next for any problems. The flame sensor monitors the gas burner. In case the furnace starts but shuts off once the blower turns on, then it might be because the sensor does not recognize the flame. It is the role of the flame sensor to ensure the presence of a flame when the gas is on. Cleaning the flame sensor can fix the problem easily.

Trouble with the Control Board

The control board is what regulates the power to all the components within the furnace. If this is faulty, then the necessary voltage will not be delivered and the unit might also cycle on and off frequently. One needs to get in touch with a professional offering residential HVAC repair to look into the matter as there are a few critical steps involved.

Apart from these, issues with the pressure switch and a faulty high limit switch can also be the culprits behind the furnace flames going out when the blower comes on.