boiler repair staten island new york

A gas boiler is one of the most important electrical appliances in any house during the winter. Without it running properly your daily chores can go haywire. No boiler usually means no hot water. At the same time it also means chances of boiler repair in Staten Island. All these could have easily been avoided if the boiler was maintained from time to time. However despite annual check ups if the boiler still does not heat up water for you and your family then there can be several reasons for the same.

When to consider boiler repair?

Following are some of the reasons why your boiler might not be producing enough hot water:

Issues with the pilot light

When the boiler is in good shape the pilot light will be turned on if you switch on the boiler. Look whether the pilot light is on or not. In most cases if you see that the pilot light has gone out then your boiler will not generate hot water. It is common for boilers to burn gas or oil for generating heat and to do this the pilot light has to be on. If the pilot light is not on then there is some issue with the boiler which will need to be checked. In older boilers the pilot light can be seen through the frame. Modern boilers come up with an error code on the monitor.

Issues with the Diverter valve

There is an intricate part within the boiler which is the Diverter valve. This Diverter valve is responsible for directing the water flow to the relevant appliances in your home. Any fault with the Diverter valve can result in absence of hot water. A faulty Diverter valve will affect the radiators which won’t respond when the appliance is turned on. The valve needs to be removed and replaced so that you don’t need any extensive boiler repair in New York City.

Issues with the thermostats

If the boiler is producing hot water but not hot enough to your liking then the issue might be with the thermostat. This is a small part in the boiler and if there is any issue with the same and it requires replacement, then it is better to call a professional.

Technical faults are normal with the boiler after a certain time has lapsed. The technical issues might result in absence of hot water. Hence, before things go out of hand, it is better to get the issue rectified.