Heat Pump OR Electric Heater

When it comes to heating installation in Staten Island or Brooklyn many homeowners are often torn between the decision as to where to go for a heat pump or electric heater. The dilemma is evident as both are opted for and both come with their share of plus points and disadvantages. Installing either of them is an investment in the long run and hence has to be done thoughtfully. There are certain parameters on which the decision is often made.

Perfect heating system Installation Guide

The right heating installation in Brooklyn or in Staten Island

Following are some of the parameters on which a heat pump and an electric heater is weighed to come out with a winning result:

Space required for installation

The electrical heaters don’t take a lot of space and are immersed in the process tanks. Compared to electrical heaters the heat pumps require more space for installation. Electrical heaters are favored on this ground.


On terms of efficiency electrical heaters is 100 percent efficient. This works on electric resistance heating and all the electrical energy used is converted into heat and there is no combustion loss in the heating process. On the other hand heat pumps are nearly 350 percent efficient than the other and a clear winner.

Capital cost

The capital cost of the heat pump is more than the electric heater. Hence, on terms of cost you will benefit from investing in an electric heater.

Environmental impact

The environmental impact of heater pump is far lesser than an electric heater. When compared, an electric heater can leave at least 5 times more carbon footprint than an electric heater.

Energy cost

It is seen that the electric heater consumes more energy to generate thermal energy. Hence, installing a heat pump will give 50 percent more cost benefits.

Maintenance cost

The cost of maintenance and servicing electric heaters and heat pumps are yet another significant decider. However, experts are of the opinion that the cost for maintaining both are same.

Longevity of the unit

It is not every now and then that the homeowner will want to go for a new heating installation in Staten Island on Brooklyn. Of the two, an electric heater lasts for nearly 10 years compared to a heat pump which lasts for nearly 15 years. Hence, a heat pump is a clear winner.

Though the choice of heating unit depends on the homeowner, on many grounds a heat pump is a more popular choice compared to an electrical heater.