Usually when a homeowner opts for central air conditioning installation in Queens or in Manhattan, they look forward to perfect indoor air cooling. A central air conditioning system is perfect for all homes and commercial spaces and it offers uniform cooling. However, it cannot be denied that at the end of the day, a central air conditioning is a also a equipment that can fail to perform sometimes. There can be many reasons behind the same like how old the unit is, whether the filters are dirty or if there is any issue with the ductwork. Whatever the reason might be, the issue needs to be addressed.

Central Air Conditioning Installation Manhattan & Queens

How To Address The Issue of Uneven Cooling?

Following are the ways in which one can address the problem of uneven cooling in your home.

Make sure that the air vents are open properly

The air vents of your house are the reason behind your home getting cool and comfortable. Is case the air vents are not properly opened, or they are obstructed by furniture or just anything else, then that could affect the efficiency of the unit. Often, the air vents are not properly cleaned and that leads to clogging. Cleaning them at proper intervals is very much required.

Check for Air Leaks

Look out for leaks in the air ducts. Leaks in the air ducts are in no way a good thing. Leaks are responsible for stopping the airflow from reaching the destination. It is also responsible for putting undue pressure on the central air conditioner unit. That is why getting a professional who can help with central air conditioning installation in Manhattan is also necessary. The technician will inspect the ducts for leaks and stop the uneven cooling around the house.

Improve the Insulation in the Attic

Often overlooked, this is what one needs to keep a lookout for. Insulation of the attic is important as it helps in keeping the cool air inside and the hot air outside. If the insulation is not nicely done, then all that cool air might be going away somewhere else rather than cooling your home.

As a last option, you can consider installing a zoning system which allows you to have control over the temperature in individual areas or floors. However, that is a big investment, and you should give it a thought before seriously going for it.