Air conditioning units and furnaces have been a crucial part of every house. It is not just for luxury, but it is necessary as well. As the Summer months can be very uncomfortable without an ac unit. So can one be spending the winter months in discomfort without the furnace in place. Nowadays, there are many different kinds of furnaces available. A few years back also, the furnaces installed in homes in Queens and Manhattan was not always safe. They worked on outdated technology. That is why it was not safe for the homeowners as well. There was always the chance of gas leaks and fire breakouts. With the advancement in technology, things have improved and homeowners now can consider installing gas heating installation in Queens. The standing pilot furnaces manufactured in recent times have a safety mechanism that offers additional safety to the furnace. The safety mechanism is known as thermocouple, and its primary function is to simply detect whether or not there is any flame. If there is no flame, then the thermocouple sends a signal for shutting off the gas valve.

New Boiler Installation

The problem does not end there however. Technicians are of the opinion that even though the safety of the standing pilots is secure, the standing gas pilots are still pretty much inefficient. The pilot light has to stay on all throughout the day. It will in turn burn gas even though the need for it will be only when you would need to warm the house.

Nowadays, the two most common ignition systems happens to be the Intermittent pilot ignition system furnaces and hot surface ignition system furnaces. Both these heating systems use the gas only when it is required for the heating cycle. There is a flame sensor that monitors the presence of a flame and shut the gas off in its absence. There is also a limit switch that also stops the furnace plenum chamber from getting overheated. If the switch makes out that the temperature in the chamber is too high, then it also stops the flow of gas. There is another key safety feature in today’s new age furnaces which is the air pressure switch. The air pressure switch helps in turning the gas off in the absence of adequate air pressure in the flue pipe to properly vent combustion gases.

With all the safety features present in the new age gas furnaces, it is safe for installation in almost all homes in Manhattan and Queens. However, the gas heating installation in Manhattan has to be carried out by experienced professionals for the best outcome.